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Latest news from Gere with "Obscene kiss was Nothing"

NEW DELHI - A court issued arrest warrants for Hollywood actor
Richard Gere and Bollywood star
Shilpa Shetty on Thursday, saying their kiss at a public function "transgressed all limits of vulgarity".

The newest Video is here
Richard Gere kiss bring arrest video 28-04-07

Judge Dinesh Gupta issued the warrants in the northwestern city of Jaipur after a local citizen filed a complaint charging that the public display of affection offended local sensibilities, the Press Trust of India news agency reported.
Gupta earlier viewed television footage of the event, which he called "highly sexually erotic," saying the pair violated India's strict public obscenity laws.
Gere and Shetty "transgressed all limits of vulgarity and have the tendency to corrupt the society," PTI quoted the judge as saying.

Such cases against celebrities — often filed by publicity seekers — are common in conservative India. They add to a backlog of legal cases that has nearly crippled the coun…

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Why I'm blogging to a revenue sharing site ?

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Newest resource from story Britney Divorced.

The Divorced :final touches settlement

Britney Spears and estranged househusband Kevin Federline are huddling with their bad-idea-reversing barrister at her Century City offices, putting the final touches on a settlement that would give Spears primary child-endangerment rights going forward and provide Federline enough cash to maintain the levels of ridiculousness in his kick game to which he's become accustomed. Our own operatives on the scene seem to confirm negotiations are proceeding apace:
· 3/29 at 2:30. K-Fed smoking a cigarette outside of our building in Century City. He was all smiles and was with an older guy who had to be a lawyer. According to TMZ, Britney is also in our building and they're meeting with their lawyers. We saw K-Fed a second time at 4:00 and by the look on his face, things went very well.

SPECIAL REPORT on x17 source .

Paris - Britney- Kevin .How TAN is TOO TAN ?

Kevin Federline and Paris Hilton partying together in Vegas?!!!!
Holy shit! Th…

EXCLUSIVE: Britney Spears serie April 2007

Exclusive : Britney Spears with video message and all newest.

April 16,2007

Britney Spears is still batty as hell. X17online has this great video of Britney’s new message to world where Britney puts on a sarcastic valley girl voice and proceeds to pretend that general public is dumber than she is. Here is a transcript of her rant in case you just don’t want to hear here her grating voice like me. If you just really want to punish yourself, scroll below to see the video.

“Right. Um, no like, I just really like wanna talk and just say like how nice our world is. Like it is so nice, like I’m gonna cry right now. Cuz like our world is so nice. No it really is because like oh my god, like the other day like I saw like this magazine… And I looked at it and it said like I was pregnant. And like I went up to Mom and I was like “oh my god” like, my mom knew. Like she was right. Like always believe everything you read everybody. Like because I am. I really a…

Leonardo DiCaprio become a father 'encore'? what did he said ?

His girlfriend Bar Rafaeli pregnant and ...
( encore in French is another time,twice )

Leonardo DiCaprio has slammed rumors he is to become a father.
note action next:DiCaprio-the challenging role of an American soldier in Vietnam in David Rabe’s play.Also included below this post a link watch for free of Blood Diamond Movie.(Update Aug-21th-2008)

According to gossips, Leonardo DiCaprio's Israeli model girlfriend Bar Rafaeli is expecting their first child in the autumn, but Leo says the story is false.

Last month, gossips reported that the 'Blood Diamond' Star will marry Bar Refaeli in June.
The 'Titanic' star proposed to Bar only after getting the consent of her parents, and for doing so the two toured Israel earlier this month to meet them, and meanwhile also visited The Wailing Wall, the holiest site in Judaism

"The reason they made the trip to Israel is that Leo wanted to get Bar's parents' approval before he popped the question. Now they are busy making …

Reading PAGE to explain named"Pax Thien Jolie".

Reading on Page Six – to explain the name “Pax Thien Jolie “ ?
On my post in yesterday, I already tells about the reason to believe Angelina jolie as a Goodwill Ambassador UNHCR and more about the story of her new son Pax; that you ‘ll read from my local Vn’s source to tell the truth .Here are a lot of US-post to quoted from many tabloids but I thinking they’re some information with contracy conceptions.Please reading and don’t forget to check out my older post pages.
Looks like Angelina has agreed to sell pictures of her new son to People magazine for between $1.75 million and $2 million, according to Radar magazine.
Although a People spokesperson has described that figure as “absurd,” the rumors continue. The spokesperson added, “We don't comment on the specifics on any negotiations,” fueling further speculation.
Intimate pictures of mother and child are now appearing on the front cover of Hello magazine after they were given exclusive access to Angelina's family …

Newest conclusion about Pax Thien mother addicted.

For many times , many newspapers,magazines arount the world has posted a tabloid on News of the world write below :

It was "impossible" for the birth mother of Hollywood celebrity Angelina Jolie's newly adopted Vietnamese son to lay any future claim to the three-year-old, Vietnam's top adoption official said Tuesday.

The mother, identified by a British tabloid as a 29-year-old heroin addict, has not come forward since the 31-year-old actress formally adopted the boy, now known as Pax Thien Jolie, in Ho Chi Minh City last month.

Britain's News of the World, which tracked down a couple identified as the child's Vietnamese grandparents, speculated Monday that the adoption was not legally binding because his grandparents, not his mother, signed the release forms.

The grandparents said they feared their daughter might someday launch a custody battle with Jolie and her partner, Hollywood actor Brad Pitt.

"Our daughter is a heroin addict and she is a bag of trouble…

The reason to believe a Modern Celebrity.

The reason to believe a Modern Celebrity with a response to critics called "celebrity tourism".
I like the great think that she says, "with no cameras and with no press, and had the opportunity to have this great education before I spoke at all." A reason to believe to somebody has spent the last six years of her life going to over 30 camps thought Africa,Pakistan,Cambodia and now along the desert border between Darfur and Chad .Jolie's really spending time with these refugees ,many of millions of people driven out of their homes.

Remember that's i'm blog this! for talking about Celeb movie star Angelina Jolie.!

Movie star Angelina Jolie's late February visit to the Oure Cassoni refugee camp along the desert border between Darfur and Chad in the March 19 2007. The camp's 26,000 residents and aid workers live month after month in rough conditions amid constant danger as the war spills into their territory.

Jolie hopes her visit will help focus the …

Jennifer Aniston ,what's she do that ?

Click to enlarge this image for good reading
Jennifer Aniston dating Orlando Bloom ?
image sourceTheBosh

Angelina Jolie profiles

Acting is in the blood for Angelina who was born in LA on June 4, 1975, to actor Jon Voight and former model and actress Marcheline Bertrand.”Angelina Jolie is not your average film star. For a while, in an era when much of Hollywood claimed to eschew the traditional temptations of excess in favour of teetotalism, meditation and country retreats, the actress carried off the title of Hollywood’s wildest bad girl. And she beat any competition hands down.

And, true to form, when the seachange came in Angelina's life it followed the same forceful path as many of her earlier directions. These days the Lara Croft star is a proud mum of three who earns column inches for her support of charitable organisations and high-profile approach tomotherhood.

It was never just her headline-grabbing antics and traffic-stopping appearances that propelled the bee-stung-lipped beauty into the limelight, however. Angelina's collection of aw…

Hot images of Angelina Jolie ,the times has passed !

We introducting here somes of the best hot images of Angelina jolie .Their're long time ago when an actress wish more than her has been own or given.
In this time ,with the Goodwill Ambassador UN ,everyone can see the changed in her life.
A lastest image in the bed.

I already make a TaBBlo cube for Angie images of the times has passed,seing on the left side bar to get a look from their.
If you interesting with a gift Photocube-Tabblo ,you can downloading this PDF file and printing at home,then cut and a little glue ,ít just finishing in one minute only. ( see Tabblo Photo Cube example on a company web2 that HP acquired in the feb,007. )
CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOADAngie Tabblo photocube.

Exclusive : celebrity story of Good-will Ambassador UNHCR.

EXCLUSIVE PAGE : with 5 posts.
Angelina Jolie with full story adpotion Vietnamese child named Pax Thien Jolie and watching about US Magazines -Newspapers talking seriously.
-Details post will be listed after tomorrow.

At first ,is a slideshow of the day of paparazzi has lost in Vietnam.

Isn't private mail in hollyweird ?Brad signed"with love,Brad" send to ex-wife Jen !

Did the birthday wish to Jen keep Brad at home and send Angie overseas?
Brad Pitt Birthday Card to Jennifer Aniston Upsets Angelina Jolie?Feb 27,2007
Speaking of stories that make you think: 'How do they know that?' Star Magazine reports Angelina Jolie is upset Brad Pitt sent a birthday card to ex-wife Jennifer Aniston. I guess even mail isn't private in Hollyweird.

Jennifer Aniston had a seemingly week long birthday bash. Her pal Courteney Cox was kind enough to throw her a nice party in Beverly Hills and the next weekend reports claimed that she celebrated with Sheryl Crowe. Even her ex love Vince Vaughn made an appearance at the first birthday bash. But it is another gesture from another ex, her former hubby Brad Pitt that has Angelina Jolie upset, according to a report set for this week's Star Magazine.

The report will claim that Brad sent Jennifer a nice card for her birthday and the item says his timing couldn’t get any worse. Star notes that Angelina is in a ve…

Bill Gates Go To Vietnam again ! for Microsoft business signed?

Bill Gates and his wife in Vietnam
10:07' 03/04/2007 (GMT+7)

"This visit is not related to the operations of Microsoft so most Microsoft employees in Vietnam don’t know about the visit and as the information about this visit was delivered on April 1, they think this is April fools day news.Gates and his wife Melinda foundation want to does charity in this April days."

Vnn.Bridge source - Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates and his wife, Melinda Gates, arrived in Vietnam Sunday, April 1 and they will meet with Vietnamese officials.

According to some sources, the Bill & Melinda Gates charity fund will sign with the Central Hygiene and Epidemic Prevention Institute on a project to research and vaccinate to prevent cervical cancer for Vietnamese women.

The special aircraft carrying Bill Gates and his wife to the Hanoi-based Noi Bai International Airport arrived at 11.30am, April 1, 2007, according to local newspapers. This is the second visit to Vietnam of the Microsoft Chairman.

Angelina Jolie to adoption again.! fourth time after Pax Thien.

- Get Your Own

Angelina to adopt again ?

Apr. 2, 2007 09:21 AM from ShowBiz BANG.

"Angelina is said to have fallen in love with a one-year-old girl from Oure Cassoni and asked her lawyers to begin the adoption process;the source added to Britain's News of the World newspaper."

Angelina Jolie is planning to adopt for the fourth time, it has been claimed.!

The Oscar-actress , who recently adopted Vietnamese son ' Pax Thien Jolie' on the last month March 2007, and also has a Ethiopian daughter Zahara and Cambodian son Maddox reportedly wants to adopt a girl from Chad to a think meaning "balance the family." with 2 by 2 girl and boy.

A source discussing Angelina's family which also consists of Cambodian son Maddox, Ethiopian daughter Zahara and Angelina's natural daughter Shiloh with lover Brad Pitt said: "Angelina and Brad want to make sure Zahara doesn't feel alienated as the only black face in their family advertisement.

"She feels the ch…

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