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New blogging feature on Beyond the blog coming on 09/2009

To all friends online and visitors,
In the next month ,BeyondBloggers.blogspot will added a new blogging to easy reading on my blog.New contents with hot posts will be listed weekly before that. Especially ,i clipped some most interested video,pictures and posts from Cafeflash Journal to reblog on blogger,that's the fastest way to your searching for reading new posts of Beyond the Blog. Or you can go to Cafeflash Journal to explore more articles . Cafeflash on Tumblr to get newest interesting posts links.

Best swimsuit 'Bar Rafaeli video and her Nude Art clip

BEST BIKINIs and CELEBRITY BAR RAFAELI Sports Illustrated Swimsuit unveils their latest cover with Bar Refaeli, who has been romantically linked to Leonardo DiCaprio. BONUS VIDEO NUDE ART
At the end of this post you must finding a very impressive video clip that was a best "Nude Art video Bar Rafaeli" some gossip resources described that this art clip was recorded by Leonardo  , this is a bonus on Cafeflash journal. Below is a short think (Buzz) that i quoted from a gossip blogger, he wrote : There’s a good way to tell if what you’re looking at is “art” or “porn.” It’s called a monacle and top hat. If you’re wearing one, it’s art. If you have your fist around your ( penis ), it’s porn. A gentleman should know the difference. Now get this exclusive clip from Cafeflash offer to you a Naked Bar Rafaeli in a new Israeli “art” video: Enjoy!


The Famous and infamous Douglas's ( mugshot )

Michael Douglas’s son Cameron a big-time drug dealer!!!
Oscar winning actor Michael Douglas can not be happy right now.

Cameron Douglas, Michael Douglas’s oldest son, has been arrested on a methamphetamine-dealing charge. Methamphetamine is the main ingredient used in making the street drug Crystal Meth. There has apparently been an ongoing investigation on friends of Cameron (three year investigation) and Cameron as well. Douglas apparently has been in the drug business for almost all of the three years and would ocassionally send drugs and money via Fed-ex.


Douglas’s trust fund is worth an estimated 80 million dollars!!! Wonder if he’ll be getting that now…
The story ... Cameron girlfriend Kelly Sott also arrested.

A statement from the actor's spokesperson said:
'The family is devastated and very disappointed in Cameron's recent behaviour.
'Any family who has dealt with substance abuse knows how devastating it can be.'

The Oscar winner spoke out after …

Jaime Pressly hotspot,denied pees in a LA's entry way

“My Name Is Earl” actress Jaime Pressly is claiming that footage of her copping a squat and pissing on the sidewalk in front of a gay bar in broad daylight were actually just part of an elaborate bridal shower game. The Daily Mail says : )
The 32-year-old was filmed squatting outside a bar in Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon, with a trickle of water issuing from beneath her skirt.
But Pressly, who became engaged to entertainment lawyer Simran Singh last Thursday, said she had completed a dare at her bridal shower.  She wrote on her Twitter page:( ) . ‘Yes, that is me doing dare number eight at my bridal shower. Things are not always what they seem. Notice my hand in the back? It’s pouring a bottle of water! C’mon guys! Do you think I would really pee in the entry way to the Abbey in broad daylight!’
But footage of the incident was put on YouTube [in which] drinkers inside the well-known gay bar can be heard exclaiming in disgust.
Well, I know from personal exp…

Apple wallpapers and more for free downloads

Get full wallpapers on this page. clipped from 40 Apple High Definition Wallpapers July 29, 2009 In the past couple of days I have been busy collecting some of the best wallpapers I can find online and sharing them here on this blog. The list so far includes 100+ Amazing HD wallpapers and 500+ iPhone/iPod Touch Wallpapers. Today I am presenting you with 40 High Definition gorgeous Apple wallpapers. Full list after jump. (click an image to enlarge)

Relaxing online with any "Totally Looks Like"

This page come from the site of Cheezburger that you may explore a various pictures sharing features on blogging. clipped from Look-Alikes clipped from Dr. Ann Cuthbert from the movie the Relic Totally Looks Like Edna Mode Dr. Ann Cuthbert (Linda Hunt) from the movie the Relic Totally Looks Like Edna Mode From The Incredibles » Think you can do better? Make your own!clipped from Random Spanish Comic Book Totally Looks Like Bella Swan clipped from New Age Man/Girl Totally Looks Like Dodoria from Dragonball Z

Who's the most dangerous Gangs-band on the planet

This post including almost dangerous Gangs most knowing on 21th century untill now. Reading full post with images and a sub-page video clip pirates Somali show of their prize after seizing a container boat.The footage shot by the pirates . clipped from CafeFlash journal Hot-list : The most dangerous Gangs Band in the Planet. THE GANGs : hey are composed of thousands of members, live racketeering, drug trafficking and arms trade, flouting all laws and are sowing terror in their countries. Investigation into images on the most dangerous gangs on the planet. Mungiki the PCC
Mara Salvatrucha or MS-13
The United Bamboo,
Panthers Roses Serbia
Hells Angels Pirates Somalia Contributor : Beyond The Blog .
Most dangerous gangs :The Somali pirates show of their prize-EP1 Don't call us pirates. We are protectors. Somali Pirates aboard Yasa Neslihan :Pirates show off their prize after seizing a container ship off the coast of Somalia in October 2008.The footage was shot by the pi…