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EXCLUSIVE: Britney Spears serie April 2007

Exclusive : Britney Spears with video message and all newest.

April 16,2007

Britney Spears is still batty as hell. X17online has this great video of Britney’s new message to world where Britney puts on a sarcastic valley girl voice and proceeds to pretend that general public is dumber than she is. Here is a transcript of her rant in case you just don’t want to hear here her grating voice like me. If you just really want to punish yourself, scroll below to see the video.

“Right. Um, no like, I just really like wanna talk and just say like how nice our world is. Like it is so nice, like I’m gonna cry right now. Cuz like our world is so nice. No it really is because like oh my god, like the other day like I saw like this magazine… And I looked at it and it said like I was pregnant. And like I went up to Mom and I was like “oh my god” like, my mom knew. Like she was right. Like always believe everything you read everybody. Like because I am. I really am pregnant.

And then like I went to um like um this person and they saw like on the USA Today like that you know like I was drinking a lot. And it was SO TRUE! IT WAS SO TRUE! And then like it was just so weird because then like then after that, like everybody…. like you know, just always believe what you read. Because like and all my management they totally knew what they were doing when they sent me to rehab. Like totally, like they totally knew what they were doing. Like it’s just so weird how great and nice our world is. And like after this nobody’s going to talk about this. Because our world, is so nice. So that’s all wanted to say. So, ok bye.”

I love the fact that she is making fun of us!!!! Did she forget she is the one who has walked around drinking red bull with cheeto stained fingers for the past five years and then shaved her legs at a hotel pool, put on a strangers bikini, vandalized a car, shaved her head, went to rehab, left rehab, went to rehab again and has just generally has been a Hollywood laughing stock?

Britney want send a messaage to the publich and she add this voice in this video

TO CONTINUING:post by Beyond the Blogs

Exclusive Britney series! And in this installment, you'll get the story straight from our photographer, Sandro, a former police officer from Brazil.(X17 source)

Sandro was requested specifically by Britney, out of all the photographers there last night, to go in and film Brit's public message. Sandro told me that Britney said it's because she has noted Sandro's professionalism and his respect for her each time he's taken pictures or recorded video of her. Her security detail also told us Britney had said, "Gimme X17!" when she made her request for a cameraman.

Sandro said he was somewhat nervous and had no idea what Britney was going to say to him, but he was at ease when she took him into a private room in the tanning salon to record. Britney said she wanted him to interview her and when Sandro suggested questions about her family and about Kevin, Britney said, "No, it's my time." Sandro honored her request, of course, and just let her do the talking.

Britney then recorded her "speech" a second time after asking Sandro to playback the first version in the camera. After a second recording, she thanked Sandro and he left the tanning salon.

Britney and Allie then went a few doors down to a sushi restaurant where she again requested that Sandro come inside to record. Brit even offered for him to sit down and join them! Sandro, however, felt he was intruding and politely declined her offer (I would have sat down with her in the heartbeat!), but he said Britney was the nicest celebrity he has ever encountered and that she was sweet and genuine; she treated him like friend.
After that ,Britney and Allie go out back to home ,she's very balty to crying : "Fu&*in Love sushi ; Fu&*in Love paparazzi !" .See in this Video Clip exclusive X17 sorce below.

VIDEO CLIP :Britney "Fu&*in Love sushi & paparazzi !"


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