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A new site for FREE file conversion online.

As i already used and posting to promote for : Vixy site , Mux-it , ,Miro...and here's a new beta service online for your video file on converts.
Try it !

clipped from Save & convert YouTube videos !
We've introduced the ability to convert files from URLs and we've included support for all your favourite video sites - Click here for more info.

Step 1
Select files or URL to convert
(up to 100MB in size):

Step 2
Choose the format to convert to:

Convert file(s) to:-- Image formats --bmpgificojpgpcxpngtgatiffwbmpwmf-- Doc formats --csvdocdocxhtmlodpodsodtpcxpdfpptpsrtftxtwpswpdxlsxml-- Music formats --aacac3flacm4ammfmp3oggraramwavwma-- Video formats --3gpaviflvgviiphoneipodm4vmovmp4mpgoggrmrmvbvobwmv

Step 3
Enter your email address to receive converted files:

Step 4
Convert (by clicking you agree to our Terms of Service)

Design your Badge web2.0 in 1 minute with FRESHBADGE

All instruction to create a fresh badge are on the page,very easy but same as pro.Try to get your badge now ! clipped from
no software and prior design knowledge required, add site pizazz and flare in under 1 minute!

Creating "fresh badges" for your website/scrapbook is simple:

Select badge style/colors

Choose from shapes, colors/gradients, add border, specify dimensions. Then...

Freshen your badge

Create eye-popping badge-candy - tweaking text, colors, shadows, glows,... even add a 'peel' to your badge!

Create and Download!

Download** your 'fresh badge' for your blog, website, newsletter, scrapbook and much more!

start now

** right-click to download - all badges in PNG format, but we provide gif/jpg files on white background. Ability to change background color coming soon!

Click the option, modify it, Return to the top to Update/Create your "fresh badge", and Download for your website or digital scrapbook.

Badge Shape/Colors


Earn up to $10 with your video at EXPOTV.

Video creating always is a big thing ! make some money with your video skills,a video review about any nationally available product.
Try to staring at ExpoTV dot com. clipped from

It's easy! Create a video review about any nationally available product & earn up to $10.00 Get started now!
Click the big orange button to upload your video>>>
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Tips and Tricks

01. How to light like a pro (when you're not a pro)
02. Easy outdoor lighting tips
03. Trick: cheap cures for shaky-cam
04. How to shrink your movie for upload
05. The art of framing your shot (aka "don't cut off your head")
06. How to capture footage from an analog camera
07. Find the right editing software for you
08. Trick: how to extend battery life
09. How "storytelling" helps every video
10. Trick: let Movie Maker help you edit
11. The best way to shoot and demonstrate small pr…

A short intro to videowikia.

Click to Play A presentation meta-wiki :i'm staring to launch a wikia named : videowikia.If you want to get more information to join us,drop me an email to and yu can uplad any images aor clips to this email address,i'll re-posting on kyte with a short intro to you mailto:
Update comment : Thanks to Marius .

A wikivideo " Cat Stevens- music life"

Watched a new remix videomusic wiki source :
On Youtube Group-wikivideo.
5 Video clip with music mix .
(we're talking about the music & life not for a name
as we also called in the past or today and tomorrow.! )

WILDWORLD a famous song of Cat Stevens.

a song included on wikivideo clips

Flickr Toys to you from The BigHugeLabs.

FlickrToys ,
Everyone can get many tools ( Flickr toys) from BigHugeLabsdot com.Don't need to sign in or register you may also use with your Flickr ID .Full information following below :

clipped from MotivatorMake your own inspirational, funny, parody, sports or other motivational poster for any occasion. Movie PosterMake your own customized movie poster. You choose the photo, titles, and credits. Be a star! Make a mosaic from a photoset, favorites, tags, or individual digital photographs or images. It's a whole world of creative photo possibilities.

Watch and share porn style web2.0.

All of information on sex-porn sites, reader can be watching on the post ,i only quote : also,you must be read all comments on page,there 're some other website address that you can listed as a sub. clipped from User generated content is probably the most powerful term that describe what's Web 2.0 best. One of the Web issues that people don't like to talk about out loud is porn. But hey, if you're watching porn on the web, you might as well be doing it in style. (and without too many annoying banners that bug you while you're watching) I've been exploring this area lately in order to find some good social porn communities, since I think it is part of Web 2.0 that people avoid from. Surprisingly, I can't say I saw lots of services that worth the mention but the one that I'm about to recommend to you, are certainly worthy. In addition, I was trying to put emphasis on services with social and sharing features, user generated content …

Win an iPhone on joining , a new interesting service !

Go to
for win an iPhone this week and this month now !
Here's the news :

We’ve got five shiny new iPhones to give away this month. Here’s the game plan and how you can win one:The Weekly Game Me.dium will hold a drawing for an iPhone on Monday’s during the month of August, selecting one lucky user who has made ten or more new friends during the previous Monday – Sunday week. Start new conversation; expand your surfing range; and do whatever it takes to find find 10 new friends. The Monthly Game We’ll give away a fifth iPhone on Sept. 3 to the person who has made the most friends over the length of the contest (Aug. 6th – Sept. 1st).You can go to join and get one iPhone of 5 iPhones link guide to be the winner HERE.

Official Rules –1. Me.dium iPhone contest is open to U.S. Me.dium users only (yeah, this one’s a major bummer).2. Each Me.dium user can win only once within a 45 day period (you don’t need two iPhones).3. Winners may be required to sign a release, a…

One new way to get small income for everyone blogging.

I get this clipmarks form source WTF? on Technorati ,i'v seen many technorati user was vote for this post.
Simply and interest for Digg user and Stumble-Up user on earn income with this service of
If you have a Paypal account,go to register now ! clipped from
with the service of you can get paid to Digg and StumbleUp Websites for subvert & profit.
here are the steps you have to do:
you need a account, if you don´t have one, you need to create one.

Images that changed The World ?