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Hollywood Celebrity Bling ( Next post : Celebrity Mug Shots -Policefiles )

HOLLYWOOD CELEBRITY BLING .Below this post (bottom) is a slideshow with full images ,Celebrity Bling album powered on PhotoSnack. PARIS HILTON :  Heiress Paris Hilton, drenched in diamonds at the STYLE VILLA, a three-day celebrity hospitality suite for visiting talent in for the MTV Music Video Awards in Miami Beach, FL. In December 2008, the heir-head was robbed of $2 million worth of jewelry after she left her Hollywood Hills mansion unlocked. (photos via : Weiss for News).KIM MORALEE SIMMONS :  Now that's some 'phat' jewelry! Baby Phat designer Kimora Lee Simmons and her mother show off some of the new jewelry Simmons has created for her line, including a $50,000 diamond Hello Kitty pendant. (photos : Corkery/News) Here's an up-close look at Kimora and her mother's bling.NAOMI CAMPBELL :  Here's something that supermodel Naomi Campbell probably won't throw at you - thousands of dollars in glittering jewelry. Campbell is adorned with these stunning diamonds a…