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Reading PAGE to explain named"Pax Thien Jolie".

Reading on Page Six – to explain the name “Pax Thien Jolie “ ?

On my post in yesterday, I already tells about the reason to believe Angelina jolie as a Goodwill Ambassador UNHCR and more about the story of her new son Pax; that you ‘ll read from my local Vn’s source to tell the truth .

Here are a lot of US-post to quoted from many tabloids but I thinking they’re some information with contracy conceptions.Please reading and don’t forget to check out my older post pages.


Looks like Angelina has agreed to sell pictures of her new son to People magazine for between $1.75 million and $2 million, according to Radar magazine.
Although a People spokesperson has described that figure as “absurd,” the rumors continue. The spokesperson added, “We don't comment on the specifics on any negotiations,” fueling further speculation.
Intimate pictures of mother and child are now appearing on the front cover of Hello magazine after they were given exclusive access to Angelina's family album. Pax is shown becoming acquainted with sister Zahara and falling asleep next to new brother Maddox.

The Hollywood superstar and UN goodwill ambassador filed adoption papers as a single parent because she and Brad are not married. Vietnamese adoption regulations do not allow unmarried couples to adopt.Ms Phung Luu Chi as a representative of Angelina for the adoption paper in Vietnam has repeat this cause not allowed ,by the way a last named "Jolie " must be get none of last name "Pitt" .( in Vietnamese language a last name should be the first name –family name ,name represented the family )
Angelina told a Vietnamese newspaper: “I have four children and taking care of the children is the most important thing for me at the moment. I am very proud and happy to be their mother.”

Angelina also said she hopes to learn some Vietnamese to communicate with Pax, who speaks only a few phrases of English, until he can adjust.


Us Weekly points out some facts which depict a quite different side to Angelina Jolie's motherhood. The magazine essentially claims she's a hypocrite who declared she will be a stay-at-home mom to help Pax integrate into his new family. However, Jolie has signed up for the third upcoming project, and "Jolie was anywhere but at home." It's quite clear she doesn't need to work for a living at this point, it's just for her ego.

An author of “Is adoption for you?” tells US Weekly :"That does seem like a heavy workload for someone with a large family".

The day Jolie picked up Pax at the orphanage, where paparazzi swarmed, she said, "Photographs make him upset. I’m sorry for bringing this into his life." Then, just days after picking up Pax, Jolie staged photos of herself, Zahara, Maddox and Pax and sold them to the U.K.'s Hello! magazine and People magazine.

"After adopting three kids in five years, it's possible that [Angelina's] picked up a form of domestic addiction... Sources tell Us that the couple of more than two years have been at odds about expanding their brood so quickly after Shiloh's birth. 'They had a huge argument before she left for Vietnam,' says a source. 'He wanted her to slow it down, spend time with Shiloh and have more biological children."

Us also claims Angelina uses her children to manipulate the media. Peppered with low-blows, the article also points out some common sense facts which don't really add up for Angelina's image of a devoted mother.

In “PAGE SIX” ,wrong telling about the name pax Thien jolie !

Pham Quang Sang, 3, became the latest addition to the "Tomb Raider" star's rainbow coalition of children this week when Jolie adopted him from an orphanage in Ho Chi Minh City.

Vietnam officials gave Jolie the warmest reception for a U.S. celebrity since they let Jane Fonda take anti-aircraft gun practice, as they rolled out the red carpet for the pillow-lipped megamom.

The tyke's given name means "brilliant," and is common in Vietnam.

But such an appellation was not up to Hollywood standards - so Jolie immediately gave the child a wacky Tinseltown title by changing his name to Pax Thien Jolie. The boy's new name is a Frankenstein fusion of Latin and Vietnamese meaning "peaceful sky."

The boy takes Jolie's last name, since boyfriend Brad Pitt, who is dad to her two adopted kids and one biological child, was not listed as a parent on the child's adoption papers.

In Vietnam, couples who are not married are not allowed to adopt, so Angelina made the trip without Brad.The naming nuttiness wasn't the only special treatment for the tot and Jolie.

While she whisked into the country and quickly scooped up the boy, other would-be parents were forced to huddle in a cramped, un-air-conditioned government office for hours to fill out paperwork.

There're the Vietnamese applicable name :

Thiên = Trời = God -heaven - sky

Thiện ( with point under-character)= Tốt-lành = Good

Han Ideogram (Chinese-Vietnamese scripts) :

Thiên-nhiên = Nature.

Thiên-địa = heaven and earth

Thiện-ác = god and evil.

Thiện-chí = goodwill

Thiên-an = Heavenly peace

An = peace

Pax Thiên must be same as Thiên-an in appellation manual (chinese-vietnamese-scripts)

*I think this boy name was wrong on explain above from Page Six (Newyorkpostdotcom) ,in Vietnamese language don’t have ‘Latin ideogram or Latin Script’ to spelling it ,to appell a pre-noun; only Han Ideogram (Chinese-Vietnamese scripts) .,just spelling “Thiên-An” An could be Peace and for appellation “Thien An “meaning “Heavenly Peace” .Don’t calling Peace sky ,it’seem a peace in the air,peace mind in dreaming ( but noone has called ).


"Brad has changed my sister a lot," James "I Didn't French Angie at the Oscars" Haven enthuses to Grazia magazine (via Us Weekly, which just last week was kvetching about Jolie's so-called "twisted double life". "They have an extraordinary bond, but not on the usual level. Brad is so strong for her; when she feels vulnerable, he has the most incredible strength. She says she couldn't have adopted more children after Maddox without him."

But it's not just the glamorous earth mother, 31, who has been transformed, says her Chatty Cathy of a big brother. The megastar, 43, who just two years ago was tyke-less and not quite divorced from Jennifer Aniston, is now "totally committed" to life as a dad.

"He has changed so much," gushes Haven. "He's completely involved -- he loves the children and is terrific with them."

So family-oriented are the world's most famous flames that "there is no limit to the children she and Brad are adopting," he reveals. "It could be scores. I've never heard an end number in their conversations." Chimes in another insider, "They want seven or eight children."

That's news to Star, however, which is convinced happily-ever-after just isn't in the cards for Brangelina.

"Is It Over?" screams this week's not-at-all sensationalistic cover. "Angelina Walks Out on Brad! ... & Dumps the Kids!"

The New York Post believes Star, like Us, is peeved that People keeps scoring the exclusive pictures of the family, hence the headline about Jolie supposedly zipping off for a quick, work-related trip to Chicago, and letting Maddox, Zahara and Pax socialize at a daycare on the Warner Bros. lot.

"I wish people would leave them alone," Pitt's rep tells the paper. "They're trying to do something good."

Signed as thebigB4.


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