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An usefull tool for download images directly from Google ,DevianArt and more

Download images directly from Google, DevianArt & 4Chan

Do you love downloading lots of images from the internet? Ideally we open image search website like Google Image search, then type a keyword and make few more clicks to download final image. You can avoid all those clicks and download images directly from the comfort of desktop without opening web browser using free utility Mediarachnid.
Direct photo download from desktop. Download Mediarachnid( ) open the program (it is a portable program and does not require installation).Click to select source for downloading images. You can direct download images from Google Image search, and 4Chan.comEnter the search keyword for specific type of images. Also enter number of results (keep the number low say 5-10 as this program will download full images for specified keyword).You can also configure size options for matching size image download. DevianArt image download has more…

An interesting widget video in Caption contest Funny or Die.

Widget video Funny orDie


<div><a href="">Caption Contest</a> from <a href="">Funny or Die</a></div>

Caption Contest from Funny or Die

Cat Stevens - a life behind the music ( revealed 2010)

clipped from The Wiki Music Video Video Collected famous stories behind the Music in history
MP3 Favorites
Wikimusic collection : best songs of Cat Stevens ( ep 1 ) CAT STEVENS
( Full post with Ep 2 and Ep 3 on my sidebar BEST OF CATSTEVENS ). FIRST NOTABLED  ALBUMS:
Tea for the Tilerman.

Teaser and the Fire cat.

The first cut is the deepest.
The first single released from Mona Bone Jakon was "Lady D'Arbanville", which Stevens wrote about his young American girlfriend Patti D'Arbanville.  HEAR SOME BEST SONGS ( AND DOWNLOAD ) "Father and Son", "Wild World", PEACE TRAIN . (from this post ).
1971's Teaser and the Firecat album reached number two and achieved gold record status within three weeks of its release in the United States.

Now ,you can do your things for $5 on the web with Fiverr.

What' re people does on the web with $5 usd    Basic Rules
You need to be a Registered Fiverr  user to sell and buy. Registration is free.
Services that are offered on Fiverr by Fiverr users are called "Gigs".
Gig prices are fixed at $5  
For each of your gigs that was ordered and delivered, your net share is $4.
Payment Process
When buyers order one of your gigs, they will be required to pay for the gig in advance.
When your deliver the order, Fiverr will add your net share to your balance.
You can withdraw funds from your balance to your PayPal  account
Handling Orders
When a buyer orders one of your gigs, you will be notified and asked to Accept or Reject the order. Rejecting an order should only be used when you will not be able to perform your offering on time. If you are away and cannot handle orders, it is good idea to suspend your gigs from your "My Store" control panel.

Ordering Gigs
Purchase of gigs from Fiverr can be done using your PayPal or credit …

Are You Internet Famous? How celebs are you on blog meter?

Now , as a blogger in research my own ( or yours ) data on blogging life, i try using the Wired Celebrity Meter to find out how big a deal I ( or you ) you really are. The Wired algorithm will dig through your personal pages to find out how many fans are following your online exploits.
Long Version .
How it Works ?
Google crawls the entire internet every couple of weeks and has recently started to keep track of who is linked to whom on social networks, blogs and just about every page they crawl. This new service is called Google Social Graph
Although there are a few different standards for highlighting links like these, most social networking sites, blog software and hosting services support one or more. They're relying on site builders to highlight such links by using special markup. Google uses this information to build a graph of all sites and their links to one another.
Rather than request the API from each site individually (Twitter followers, MySpace friends, etc.), Google pr…

Why I used Vimeo,Google video services over HuLu TV Video ?

HULU Mission Hulu's mission is to help people find and enjoy the world's premium video content when, where and how they want it. As we pursue this mission, we aspire to create a service that users, advertisers, and content owners unabashedly love.  ( who was love this service if they seen "sorry - and sorry" again to all video clips ? )
OVERVIEW Hulu is an online video service that offers hit TV shows, movies and clips at and other online destination sites — anytime in the U.S. For more details on Hulu's service, check out the Hulu product tour. ( what's Hulu talking about ? Hulu is a service for all country around the world - or - for the local US service only ,the above 'overview' meaning same as - we don't know about "anytime" )
This article is just want to say a very obvious truth about the working style very arbitrary, negligence, do not respect the viewer,user in all country. The advertising network owners of these services is r…

Upload files and get money when someone download 2010

This new storage service will help you make money online - new earning in 2010.

MissUpload is a file hosting provider. It offers online storage/remote backup capacity, sophisticated uploading and downloading tools. With MissUpload you can host files, images, videos, audio and flash on the same place. Whenever you need to send a file that is too large for e-mail, MissUpload can help.

If you need secure remote storage capacity for off-site backups, MissUpload offers solutions for you. With you’ll not only enjoy our exciting file sharing experience, you’ll also earn Points which can be converted into cash! You will get $0,01 for each Unique download ( see screenshot for vMoney earning rules ).
Redeemed cash will be transferred via PayPal once it reaches $20.

MissUpload Earning vMoney Rules
We count every file downloaded (not opened) from any country by unique visitors. You will get vMoney when the file is downloaded 100% finishMinimum payout $20 Payout 3 times per month, ever…

Make money online with LIJIT search engine,new release Febuary 2010

- NEW RELEASE on Febuary 2010 .

Lijit Ad Tags are an easy to install option for displaying targeted ads on your website or blog. In this video I’ll show you how to do it.
This entry was posted by Lijit team on Friday, February 5th, 2010 at 9:00 am and is filed under FAQ, ad network, tips & tricks, wijit. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from the Lijit site. Notified to Lijit users by email for this new release

Publishers can now earn revenue with Lijit!.
Because of publishers like you, Lijit continues to grow in new and exciting directions. We would like to tell you about our newest one right now: During 2008, Lijit has been developing features that allow advertisers to present your readers with highly targeted ad placements in search results. But that’s not all – we’ve also developed features that allow YOU to share in the revenue from these ad placemen…