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Mrs World 2009 : a first look of blogger

Mrs World 2009 :First look and first post of a  group of Vietnameseblogger. Married Ladies Compete For Mrs World. (Pics 01 : Mrs World 2008 in India.-Russia was MrsWorld2008-. Mrs Ng Dieu Hoa Vn's candidate with a light blue long-dress - vietnamese traditional ao-dai- right of thepic) Vietnam kicked off its preparation campaign on Thursday for the 2009 Mrs World Pageant, which will feature married beauties across the world competing in the annual contest.
Organisers of the international pageant, which will take place in the coastal province of Vung Tau in November 2009, said the Mrs Vietnam Pageant would be held two months before the international event, the Vietnamese Blogger Blog reported. The first Mrs Vietnam Pageant held in the country will select two outstanding and stunning candidates, the winner and the runner-up, from successful women nationwide to represent Vietnam in the global competition.Similar to other beauty contests, there will be compulsory competition rounds in trad…

SEX CHAT on mobile phone,popular for asian students and teens?

Image via Wikipedia Sex chat now goes popularfrom Internet to cell phone in east-asia countries.

The first thing everyone could be seen is "Hot" nicknames appear in a chat room and how they 'cool-hot'? Along side online games, many students have become addicts of sex chatting. Now they don’t need to go to an Internet café, with a mobile phone they can conduct sex chats everywhere.(it's seems all students have mobile phone at this time -2009).
Sex chat on the phone I saw some high-school students chatting on their mobile phones at a café near a high school . One of the boys (he want to be "a bro" of ...) told me: “Do you want to have sex chats on your cell phone? Give me your phone and I will help you install chatting software” right now!. The boy also instructed me in how to set up a nickname and enter a chat room, how to “fish” for girls and make them like you. After connecting to the Internet via GPRS (GMS sys) and entering a chat room, I was so confused to…

The Amateur Porn Star Killer 3 Trigoly:real story about porn star Reagan Reese.

Amateur Porn Star Killer 3: The Final Chapter (2009)
Brandon attacks one last time in this final installment of the APSK Trilogy( Amateur Porn Star Killer).Real-life Porn Star Regan Reese portrays an up-and-coming actress picked up off the streets by the young serial killer. What starts off as a good samaritan act quickly turns into a game of cat-and-mouse in the late night empty fields of a small town where the victim has nobody to turn to except the killer himself.You won’t want to miss the conclusion of the cult horror sensation which critics have hailed as * “disturbing”, “nasty”, “sadistic”, “haunting”, “mesmerizing”, and “pure exploitation”. Watch Full Movie.Also watching from this supernova site (DivX pugin installed -DivX webplayer).
Watch movie Part 1 of 2.Watch movie Part 2 of 2Another site for free movie online watching (normal video streaming no need other plugin) one of the best movie storage on the net.
Watch movie Part 1 of 2.Watch movie Part 2 of 2.

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