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A new video editor tool that help creating video clip easily,"Cher celebrity tattoo"

Today , i recommend to you an useful video editor, this is a free video XML editor for online making video clips and create your own wiki videos .
All information about this tool could be found on Wiki Video Blogger; watch a sample video clip in a serie vids of "Celebrity and Tattoo ".

CHER TATTOO and Story. Watch this sample vid on direct video creation site.
and reading full post including Celebrity & Tattoo serie video ,please go to  WikiVideo Blogger.
Born : May 20, 1946 in El Centro, CA Avg.
Genre: Pop
Styles: Classic Pop, Adult Contemporary, Pop/Rock, Folk Rock, Soft Rock, Rock, Spoken, Dance, Club/Dance, Dance Pop, Vocal Jazz, Oldies

Notable Celebrity with Tattoo Slideshow

You may read a full post with video clip on blog The New Wiki Video Blogger ( 15th,May.2009)
Below is a slideshow with no subtitle ( sorry)

Watch and download Janis Joplin best songs,hear something about a dark star.

This post including Video link and MP3 links for free download some best songs of Janis. Drop your comment with any songs download suggested ,email reply include Links will be very soon to you. clipped from Famous video story and music notable on wikivideo clipped and collective.
The Wiki Video 2009

Janis Joplin best performance,a dark star story clipped by wiki video blogger.
The last recordings Joplin completed were "Mercedes Benz" and a birthday greeting for John Lennon ("Happy Trails", composed by Dale Evans) on October 1, 1970. Lennon, whose birthday was October 9, later told Dick Cavett that her taped greeting arrived at his home after her death.  Don McLean is widely believed to allude to Janis Joplin in his song "American Pie" with the lines "I met a girl who sang the blues / And I asked her for some happy news, / But she just smiled and turned away".McLean has neither denied nor confirmed the belief.

Kurt Cobain front man of Nirvana a Dark Star story on Wiki Video

Reading full post with 6 video clips about Kurt Cobain Dar Star story. Wiki Video weblog and more full video on A Wiki video blogger clipped from Famous video story and music notable on wikivideo clipped and collective.
The Wiki Video 2009
clipped from
The very last notable picture of Kurt Cobain and his Dark Star video story revealed
The lastest notable picture of Kurt Cobain  about his death in 1994 ,that 's for Dark Star story revealed a video serie on WikiVideo Blogger.
A later goodbye post of wiki video blogger to Kurt Cobain with his story videos revealed.We are going to remain very tasteful and true to the spirit of Nirvana while taking the music to places it has never been before.
 About Nirvana cover gone wrong video clip . We also including this Dark Star serie wiki video :Intro to Kurt Cobain dark star tory "with hold down" clip ,live Clasic instrument of Smell like teen spirit , a short trailer of Kurt Cobain film and man…

Watch all notable video music from The New Wikivideo on blogger blog

Today, i would like to present a re-new blog on blogger that have many interests content video clipped .The new wikivideo will shows you many famous ,notable and funny videos collection that will revealed on 2009. At first you can watch a greatest song listed by Rolling Stone :R.E.M Losing My Religion. go to Wikivideo blog to get this notable song listed#169.