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Free Downloads weekly for blogger: power full softwares list 1-July 2011

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The funny and crazy tattoos incredible video clip from wiki video.

Hope you have a nice day for watching our interesting clip collected … or what ???

Here are some pretty cool ear tattoos. With the guy above, apparently people don’t realise that ear doesn’t hear so good. Maybe the tattoo will help get the point across.

Stupidest Guy Ever?
First of all you get a ridiculous tattoo of a big breasted cowgirl on your leg. Stupid?
Yes, but everyone makes mistakes from time to time.
You then give your big breasted cowgirl a breast enlargement by putting something under your skin.
Stupid? Extremely. Forgivable? Not at all.

Stupid Tramp Stamps
I’m not sure it is possible for a tramp stamp (lower back tattoo also known as a slag tag) to actually look good, but here are some examples of the worst you can get.
Ladies, definitely reconsidered getting a tramp stamp. Guys, why are you even thinking about it?

Tattooed Feet
Feet tattoos just freak me out. It’s got to be extremely painful. Here are some people who went all the way and a tattoo inked on thei…

ELVIS PRESLEY movie in 1969 wach full 3 part for free on blogger

Elvis the movie  filmed in 1969  .
Elvis Presley
MOVIE : Biographical movie about the famous rock singer Elvis Presley.

Watch Elvis Movie from Megavideo 3 parts for full movie free online.
Movie Part 1 Elvis presley in 1969.Movie Part 2 Elvis presley in 1969.Movie Part 3 Elvis presley in 1969. MOVIE TRAILER ELVIS BIOGRAPHIE

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