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Blogger Tube video blog,a new channel realy interest

Video channel as a video blog is interesting to blogger on the way to spreading the word , we present this Hot Blogger Tube ,a blogspot dotcom newest design from source of BloggerTuts.
In the next (November 2009) ,you can add your clip to showing on Hotbloggertube video-blog ,this way may help you promoting more faster than a clip on your personal ( new ) blog.  
I like their Favorites music videos , starting with "Alone again" a best song of Irishman Gilbert O' Sullivan .

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Michael Jackson related story, who's * most haters

This post i translate from a Blogger blog in German language.

I dedicate these people a side of disgust and contempt. Will never forgave them and let them suffer for what they did to always including Michael Jackson.

1. Tom Sneddon . ( reading more from previous post-part 1)
Our target number one. Page 15 years of trying this 'something' to bring Michael with false accusations and fraud behind bars. Witnesses were paid to testify wrong, his men were instructed to steal the documents ...
* A person in the stack are the lies.

2.Martin Bashir:

His report published in 2002, humiliating about Michael Jackson brought the case 'Arvizo' rolling. With his crafty ... won the confidence of Michael, and was introduced by him into his life. He let him participate in all its joys and told him all his thoughts and dreams. Confidence from this were again exploited and as a result we got into a totally negative and distorted version of the cut to …

Story related to person vs Michael Jackson-part 1.

Who's the most haters (Michael Jackson article related )
1. A secret list of 'enemies'
Late singer Michael Jackson maintained a secret list of enemies, which only his closest associates were aware of.

The King of Pop's former manager Dieter Wiesner has revealed that Jackson had a secret hit list of the people who he wanted to be kept away from him at all times.

The list included ex-friends Uri Geller and Rabbi Schmuley Boteach, Santa Barbara, California, District Attorney Tom Sneddon, who tried to put Jackson behind bars on child molestation charges and lawyer Glora Allred.

Wiesner admitted he transcribed the list as his client reeled off names.

"Sometimes he was a little bit paranoid... I'd ask him, 'Michael, what are you doing...?' He said... 'These people are after me and they want to destroy my life,'"

The list of enemies also included music mogul Tommy Mottola and Janet Arviso, who accused Jackson of molesting her son at his Neverland Ra…