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Showing posts from July, 2007 .Walking down the streets of the Internet Surfing impression.
Walking down the streets of the Internet

If the Internet wasn’t a word describing a virtual world of computers, joined together in a network, how would it look like? walk2web is a really interesting website, trying to do exactly that - visualize the connections between sites, while allowing to view, review, bookmark and vote for your favorite sites. After trying it with a few sites, we found that you can find amazing connections and many interesting sites, by taking a five minutes walk, down the Internet’s lane.

With the virtual walks the sun always shines

walk2web lets you start by entering a URL, and then allows you visually browse web sites that are linked from it. On the right, a large screen capture of the selected web site is shown to give you a preview of site content.
50M of steps..
Since start in April, users of walk2web.cpm service made 50 000 000 of steps already! :)
The most surfers…

Make more money with CRUXY .com new source entertainment.

Today,i want to promote a new source for blogger earning more money on many kind of entertainment.If you register to a new creator with Cruxy ,you will start to earn money by selling your products ,your own make music album collected,video movie collection,your blog-video share to Second Life and many more with earn money on the way to playing the entertaiment too.
A new services from Cruxy with the name MUX-IT ( that i add a button on my sidebar and another below this post at the bottom ) for your need : TO CONVERT ANY VIDEO FORMAT ONLINE( a same as ,i wrote on my previous posted ),but with Mux it ! you can download your clips after through RSS feed with your email address,no waiting for convert times,convert and transcoder many video clips at a time and goto your inbox email for downloading. It's just a newest source for blogging that i posting here in the first.Go to Mux it ! button at bottom of this post page.

Cruxy is a privately-held venture based out of Brooklyn, …

Make yourself a Web2.0 Cool Button.

You can create with this program online a cool web2.0 button in only 4 steps ,just view Demo for adding your own icon and text.Downloading the result file .png with custom background color match your blog site color theme.An intro web2.0 stuff blogging by The Flash Blogger. clipped from

Words a best song of Bee Gees

Click to Play One of the maous song performed by Bee Gees in 1967.A Collection "Forever and ever"

I started a joke-best of Bee Gees

Click to Play This song performed by Barry Gibbs ,one of the famous song of Bee Gees.Collection "Forever and ever"


Click to Play This clip will intro a guide for downloading a Trial Macrmedia Flash Trial version from a difference source.Check my blog for more info on learning Flash.

The Flash Blogger intro.

Click to Play This is a flash file edited by a very easy application,everyone can learn with no skill in flash,nothing to need ,just  you are a blogger.The easy way to beginner for learning to edit,to build a flash stuff.Check out from

8 reasons why woman rather stay single

When i posting a Clipmarks ,that 'll be not thing to writing on,just watching all pictures ,that's. clipped from

Want to make a million dollar online , watch this !

I receive a letter from my friend online ,he wrote :

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to agree on one thing...
Mike knows how to structure a successful online business.
Here's your chance to peek behind the scenes and see
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I Quote Mike Blog here for information to all readers.

Understand that The 7 Figure Code is about teaching people to STOP chasing money and $7 programs, MLM’s, and all of the other Merry-Go-Round hype Fads to making money by crashing MySpace or Craigslist. It is to teach people how to focus, realize their vision, passions, strengths, and systematize it to making a a Million Dollar Business.

Mike Filsaime and
Tom Beal

Let me be clear and state, whether you win or you buy, if you do not think you have what it t…

My real sexual life on blogging story

MY REAL SEXUAL LIFE.( an experience results for married couples)

Today,i'm posting an ext article of daily necessity about sexual ,this post was writing after a result from my wife.She had an idea (that she said new) and tell me about to share our experience to all other family or single person in my world ( my blogger blog).

The result is at the bottom of the post.(don't forget to read it )
Talking about some questions of Man Health :
Frequently Asked Questions
my wife reading on

I get a lot of email from people with questions about the penis. Well, I've put together a FAQ of the most commonly requested items in the hope they will answer some of the more pressing questions.

Q. Do pills, potions, lotions or oils increase size ?

A. There is no reliable scientific or credible evidence that pills, potions, or lotions work to enlarge the penis permanently.

Q.Is there any surgical procedure to enlarge the penis?

A. Yes there are a number of surgical techniques that can increase…

It's seem the media says 'goodbye' to Paris Hilton after she denies drug use.

Paris Hilton Tells Larry King She Punked The Press - Denies Drug Use 27 Jun 2007 08:42 PM GMT-06:00

Not surprisingly, the big Paris Hilton interview on Larry King was pretty boring. The highlight for us was when Paris described her big ‘trick’ on the media on the night she turned herself in. When Larry was drilling her on why she went to the MTV Movie Awards the night before she started her jail sentence, Paris divulged her sinister plan of leaving for jail straight from the awards show instead of her home to keep the press from getting pictures of her moments before her lock-down. It was funny to watch her eyes light up like she had done something genius.

Larry also drilled Paris on her career, her friends and her drug use which she lied like a dog about. It would have been much more entertaining and real if Larry had popped up some of those pictures of…