Wondershare Live Boot 2012 Full Free downloads using to blogger

Wondershare Live Boot 2012 Bootable DVD/USB System Rescue Disk Maker
Wondershare Live Boot 2012 with free key.
System rescue disks come very handy in disastrous system recovery operations, based on latest Microsoft WinPE 3.0 bootable technology Wondershare Live Boot 2012 feature more than 40 rescue tools to rapidly rescue you from any imaginable PC crash disaster with a bootable CD/USB drive. Armed with tools to fix computer bootup problems, rescue data, backup and restore file/system, clone and deep wipe disk, manage disk, and over 40+ such rescue utility functions in total. The user-friendly interface simplifies the repair procedures into only a few clicks for both savvy users and newbees. 
The utility costs $59.95 to buy regularly but a 100% genuine and legal free activation serial number is available for grabs below this post.
Main Features :

  1. Windows Recovery - This boot disc provides a complete solution set for all Windows crash and booting problems including booting failure, virus affection, blue/black screen, and more.
  2. Data Recovery - This bootable disk can rescue any data from your internal/externall hard disk or partitions no matter deleted, formatted, or whole disk corrupted, including documents, archives, emails, photos, videos, and audio files.
  3. Disk Management - This DOS boot disk offers complete disk management solutions including partition management, disk/partition cloning, disk/partition wipe, and more.
  4. Password & Key Finder - This boot CD for Windows can help to reset Windows password when you forget the login password and find Windows or Office product key when you want to reinstall them.

Wondershare Live Boot 2012 Installation, Activation And Usage Image Walk through

Below is your registration information of Wondershare LiveBoot 2012.
Product name: Wondershare LiveBoot 2012 Version: 7.0.1
 Licensed e-mail: giveaway@wondershare.com (*or any email address to register, below is my email peter it was also as the same ReG Key Code.)
 Registration code:    BB7E388D91A8C465FCB05B5D104E2833
 License type: Single-User Personal License (Giveaway) License number: 1

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Free gift to blogger interesting cube images of super model girls

This is a favorite photo collection of hot girls and supermodels, we send you 2 printing patterns for your interesting cutting to create a beautiful decorative cube for men.

Simply,by using a scissors to cut the tile pattern lines, you will have a cube with all side images of supermodels and another cube of angelina jolie.
Download and printing your cube images

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How to download fastest on Internet Explorer? get MDM free download manager now!

This post presenting a most useful Download Accelerator for IE9.
First using IE with the MDM download acceleration software of Microsoft.

Referring to the IDM program increase your download speed mentioned as one of the leading Download Manager software for Internet Explorer .IDM Internet Download Manager has dominated a long time on the field that the software supports download accelerator that no other soft can be match to compared .

Now the position of the IDM can be swayed by a new software, now for the appearance of the Microsoft Download Manager (MDM), free download link below :
MDM software is provided free of charge, with very compact size 1:33 MB and installation will be very fast and is not difficult for web users.
MDM software's interface is quite simple, to proceed to download a file, simply by press the New Download button then enter the URL to download the file , and press OK ,that's it.

When using IE (Internet Explorer ) to download a file at the site is that MDM can support, the program will automatically open a download window  for you.

To speed-up the MDM, go to Settings in the section Maximum number of connection. Choose the maximum number of connections is "16" to reach the best load.
Download speed is amazing on use of MDM, for comparison testing with a music file, the IDM 3.7 MB download takes 8.23 seconds longer than the MDM took just 6.97 seconds.

Although not yet fully functional program as a high-speed downloading, but in the future MDM has been upgraded, it will certainly be a dangerous opponent threatened to the throne of IDM.Rather worthy of you can choose to using now.

Where is the error message same as showing below, try the following steps:
  1. Click the Options button (located next to New Download button).
  2. In the Settings dialog box appears, select the Proxy tab. At here, you select No Proxy.
  3. Click OK and try to use the software to download the selected files.
 By default, MDM uses only up to 2 links to download file, which makes not achieve a maximum download speed. To increase the download speed,set this :
  1. in the Settings dialog box above, select the General tab and select 16 in the section Maximum Number of Connection.
The Microsoft Download Manager enables you to download files simply and easily. It also makes downloading large files such as application and multimedia files quick and reliable. It was specifically designed to help users manage file downloads from supporting Microsoft Web sites. 
Once started, the Microsoft Download Manager’s easy-to-use interface displays the status of downloads and enables you to suspend active downloads or resume downloads that have failed.
System requirements:
  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Vista Service Pack 2, Windows XP Service Pack 3
  • The Microsoft Download Manager has specific system requirements in order for it to operate normally. See below for a list of Operating System and Web browser requirements.
  • The Microsoft Download Manager requires one of the following operating systems: Windows© XP with Service Pack 3, Windows Vista© with Service Pack 2, Windows 7, Windows Server© 2008 R2
  • The Microsoft Download Manager supports the following Web browsers:Windows© Internet Explorer© 6, Internet Explorer 7, Internet Explorer 8, Internet Explorer 9, Mozilla© Firefox©
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How to fix Windows Safe Mode problem

Everybody knowing as Safe Mode is an important tool used  at the windows, also it is extremely useful in solving the problem of computer malfunction or damage, especially in cases of computer has been a virus infected.

If in some moment when the Safe Mode Boot and or you are bootting your computer into safe mode but nothing happen or like as something was wrong, you can use this utility tool to recover its SMFIXER.

This tool is a portable , therefore SWFIXER is useful to carry around and use immediately.

In the main program .,you just press the FIX, after that the system will restart and boot to fix he Sae Mode for your help.
Then you can check that operations have been completed or not, by pressing F8 repeatedly on the screen at the computer startup to choose one of three safe mode, safe mode with networking, safe mode with commamd prompt, to check and ... you will see something good that suddenly appear.

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Free Downloads weekly for blogger: power full softwares list 1-July 2011

At BeyondBloggers blog ,we introduce to you weekly, from now on this page ,all useful list of free softwares,web-tools,add-ons and web based applications .All of those are most useful and most preferred, for internet users.

All the links for downloading are free to use.

You should visit back every week to find our lists of software more, may be like the best for blogging.

  1. MIRANDA 0.9.22 : send free SMS on internet.
  2. Google Toolbar 7.1.2011.0512.for Firefox.
  3. Macrium Reflect 4.2.358 : repairing for win trouble.
  4. TightVNC 2.0.3 : Net controller.
  5. Avant Browser 2011 build 17 : newest free browser
  6. Real Player 14.04.652 : most power full media player.
  7. PowerDVD 11.0.1719 : for free DVD media player
  8. Fresh View 8.20 : free imaging viewer and editor.
  9. Shareaza 2.5.50 : P2P sharing tool.
  10. Hamachi : VPN server.
Enjoy ! and You should visit back every week!
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The funny and crazy tattoos incredible video clip from wiki video.

Hope you have a nice day for watching our interesting clip collected … or what ???

Here are some pretty cool ear tattoos. With the guy above, apparently people don’t realise that ear doesn’t hear so good. Maybe the tattoo will help get the point across.

Stupidest Guy Ever?
First of all you get a ridiculous tattoo of a big breasted cowgirl on your leg. Stupid?
Yes, but everyone makes mistakes from time to time.
You then give your big breasted cowgirl a breast enlargement by putting something under your skin.
Stupid? Extremely. Forgivable? Not at all.

Stupid Tramp Stamps
I’m not sure it is possible for a tramp stamp (lower back tattoo also known as a slag tag) to actually look good, but here are some examples of the worst you can get.
Ladies, definitely reconsidered getting a tramp stamp. Guys, why are you even thinking about it?

Tattooed Feet
Feet tattoos just freak me out. It’s got to be extremely painful. Here are some people who went all the way and a tattoo inked on their foot

Stupid Face Tattoos

Is a facial tattoo ever a good idea? I think not. Here are 23 of the worst facial tattoos to amaze you with people’s stupidity.

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