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Make your slideshows at
You will see a sample slideshows that i get embed from showing below.
At Nachofoto you could be browse many more beautiful slideshows for your need,a lot of major wonderful pictures as you may like to see and share to your friend.You can also customize slideshows or make your own with tool support online at
Give a look at this.

Make Your Own Slideshow | More Slideshows
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This comment "warning see please here" is dangerous.(update)

UPDATING :the fact is here ! this comment is dangerous to everyone.
This content i receving from , a comment same as this "warning see please here " that i was noted 4 hrs ago.
At wikivideo blog also on Privacy Policy post page , user name is Fenrisar not was Akinogal on comment to my blog theflashblogger.
* If their services antispy was true for used : why they 're used many name ,many other Blogger ID ?
* I recomment to all readers : this is a dangerous link . Don't try to "click" on it.
Below is 2 newest screenshots about their comment and another Blogger ID.



Attention ! to a comment like this "warning see please here"

To all my friend online and readers of Beyond the blogs,
Yesterday ,my blog (theflashblogger) follows Privacy Policy post page and i received a short comment include only said as " warning see please here " , "here" was lead to a website URL and name

Attention 1 : when you click to this link, a pop-up give notice to download and install a software to anti or remove spy .Below is the URL (this link) 2 : if you click OK this website starting to scan your system ( but it's seem not true ) and may be there's a dangerous for our PC.
Attention 3 : i lead to this blogger ID ,

it just only a name AKINOGAL in his profile and starting on blogger on March 2008. I adding 2 screenshot about this case.
Be careful if you receive a comment same as this.

Adsense Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for please read this on visiting my blog.  UPDATE JUNE 2009 update adsense policy

 AdSense for content or AdSense for search.There are also a few updates to the content of the program policies, which we've outlined below:
Google brand violations: This policy has always existed in our Terms and Conditions, but we've now brought it directly to the 'Ad Placement' section of the program policies page so that it's easier to find. According to this policy, we don't allow ads or search boxes to be placed on pages which misuse Google logos, trademarks, or other brand features in the page content or URL, and which could mislead users into thinking the page is associated with Google.Deceptive implementations: We've clarified this policy a bit in the 'Encouraging Clicks' section of the program policies - ads may not be formatted in a way that makes them indistinguishable from other content on the page where they appear. T…

A new Adsense revenue share Video site 2008.

Earn From Your Uploaded Videos with
Your Video Clips Can Earn You Money

A majority of users upload their videos to sites that do not offer a way for them to earn money for their video creation and distrobution efforts. We do not agree with this and have done something about it. has integrated Google Adsense advertisements into the site. This gives the content contributor the power to make money not based simply on the number of views a video recieves but the quality of the title and description that the content was given. This is because the title and description are the two factors that will drive the relevant ads displayed by adsense. And because Google controls the pay out per click based on the subject of the ad and the relative amount the advertiser is willing to pay, our content contributers have an advantage over other paid video services who pay simply based on the number of impressions. With adsense showing content relevant ads users can earn $2 just for o…

Hot Bikini sexiest that you never seen before.

A sexiest bikini that everyone would like to see !
Look at these Japanese girls on the beach , they are not nude but same as nude !!!
This picture was create from in the serie VComiQ .I will posted many hot Vcomiq in the next , return on this blog for watching on March,15th,2008.


10 Most Creative & Amazing Concept Gadget Designs

Best look for the future clipped from
10 Most Creative and Amazing Concept Gadget Designs Life is all about technology and gadgets now. It is an interesting observation that now concept gadget designs are given more importance and consideration than those that exist in real. Perhaps the reason for this is the fast pace of human evolution and our ability to get as much diverse as possible. Over the past year I have come across some amazing concept gadget designs some of which have the ability to make it to production while some are so idealistic that we may not see them in reality even in the next 100 years but in all cases the ideals are really cool and mind blowing. Check them out: 1. Mobile Phone Instant Concept 2. Swatch “Infinity” Concept Watch 3. Nokia Aeon Concept 4. Napkin PC

20 HDR Beautiful Pictures

Go and get full pictures as you like it. ( this photography techniques ) clipped from

Abduzeedo is a blog about the world of design, how I was abducted by the elements that are in it, and some of the experiments that I have done or seen along the way

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20 Beautiful HDR Pictures There are some photography techniques that really give me the goose bumps, but the good ones. HDR is one of those techniques... and you'll probably love these as much as I do.