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Free software for secured your Laptop,download now!

Laptop Securer

Lapsec pretends to become a solution able to harden a Windows operating system in a very easy way, automating tasks that in other way could become complex and difficult for an administrator or an user worried about computer security.
Every time a Windows system is installed in a laptop the same changes should be done (specially useful for laptops) to try to keep the system a bit more secure. The idea is from Sergio de los Santos, the scripting is from Marcin "Icewall" Noga and the design is form Alberto García. It is not a complex program but we believe it is very useful. We are grateful to receive bugs and suggestions at The main idea is to check if the system is hardened or needs to be hardened. You have to tick what it has to be hardened and at the same time what is hardened will be ticked. To harden a laptop, probably the most efficient way is using TrueCrypt on a system partition. This program tries to…