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SEX CHAT on mobile phone,popular for asian students and teens?

Missionary style sex position.Image via Wikipedia
Sex chat now goes popular from Internet to cell phone in east-asia countries.

The first thing everyone could be seen is "Hot" nicknames appear in a chat room and how they 'cool-hot'?
Along side online games, many students have become addicts of sex chatting. Now they don’t need to go to an Internet café, with a mobile phone they can conduct sex chats everywhere.(it's seems all students have mobile phone at this time -2009).

Sex chat on the phone
I saw some high-school students chatting on their mobile phones at a café near a high school . One of the boys (he want to be "a bro" of ...) told me: “Do you want to have sex chats on your cell phone? Give me your phone and I will help you install chatting software” right now!.
The boy also instructed me in how to set up a nickname and enter a chat room, how to “fish” for girls and make them like you. After connecting to the Internet via GPRS (GMS sys) and entering a chat room, I was so confused to see a full “forest” of hot and sexy nicknames, such as :
  • choigai100 (girlsex100$),
  • gaigoi (callgirl), 
  • tinhmotdem (one-night love), 
  • traitanphucvuquyba (virgin man serves ladies), 
  • timgaichatsex (seeking a girl for sex chat), 
  • emmuonlamtinh (I want to make love). 
OMG! many nicknames are too obscene to mention.This chat room contains many sub-rooms with very “attractive” names: “pink night”, “sexuality”, “room without sex”, and so on. According to a boy who is a long-time member of this chat-room, many chatters are teenagers and call girls, who enter this room to seek “clients”.
SMS message received on a Motorola RAZR wirele...Image via Wikipedia
Joined a chat room - very easily - of course !
I curiously joined a room and chatted with “girl sex” nickname. After exchanging greetings, “girl sex” immediately asked whether I wanted to see her and sent me a nude photo to my cell phone ( joined with phone number). I logged off the room after receiving an obscene curse. Suddenly, a male nickname came in to flirt with me nay be mre on continued by i shutdown my phone immediately.
Chatting on cell phones is very easy and convenient so students can both chat and “study-sex” in class. If they are bored with chatting on the phone, they can go to Internet cafes where there are large-screen computers and webcams or they go home. Many parents install the Internet to serve their children’s studies but they don’t know that their kids are using the computers for sex chats.

Where are the authorities?
Since super-cheap chat software for mobile phones like "Ola" and "Vitalk" has appeared, the number of mobile-phone chatters has rocketed. With these two software items, mobile-phone users can be online everywhere there is a GPRS or Wifi connection.
These software products enable users to chat, send SMS, make phone calls, look up dictionary, take photos, send images, etc. Compared to text message service, (a main things) it is very cheap to chat, using these software products. In just six months, Vitalk had more than 260,000 members. On average,around 140,000 users join Vitalk a day.Vitalk has brought about an opportunity for low-income earners to exchange information from cell phones to cell phones and computers globally. However, its chat rooms are abused for sex chats.
The representatives of Vitalk and Ola said they have teams of “guards” to prevent chats with bad and sensitive contents ( but how they guard ? like they said for zero!). They also set regulations about the age of members, etc. However, to attract more members, these networks don’t strictly tighten their control over members.
Officials of some local departments of information and communications said "black websites" and "sex chatting" are problematic (yes!) but it is difficult to control these things. State agencies can’t go to Internet cafes every day to control people’s activities. Technical solutions and managerial measures are needed to prevent these social evils, they say.
At last ,sex chat growing day by day... (translating via Vnnetreport).

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