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Mrs World 2009 : a first look of blogger

Mrs World 2009 : First look and first post of a  group of Vietnameseblogger.
Married Ladies Compete For Mrs World.
(Pics 01 : Mrs World 2008 in India.-Russia was MrsWorld2008-. Mrs Ng Dieu Hoa Vn's candidate with a light blue long-dress - vietnamese traditional ao-dai- right of thepic)
Vietnam kicked off its preparation campaign on Thursday for the 2009 Mrs World Pageant, which will feature married beauties across the world competing in the annual contest.
Organisers of the international pageant, which will take place in the coastal province of Vung Tau in November 2009, said the Mrs Vietnam Pageant would be held two months before the international event, the Vietnamese Blogger Blog reported.
The first Mrs Vietnam Pageant held in the country will select two outstanding and stunning candidates, the winner and the runner-up, from successful women nationwide to represent Vietnam in the global competition.Similar to other beauty contests, there will be compulsory competition rounds in traditional costumes, swimsuits, question-and-answer sessions and evening wear.Candidates in the Mrs Vietnam Pageant will also take part in an additional competition highlighting their charity work.
The most beautiful winner of the contest's Vietnamese version will receive a 150 million VND (US$8,823) award and owner of the second position will receive a 100 million-prize VND (US$5,882).Both will then join 100 other married beauties to compete for the title of top world married beauty queen.
The final round of Mrs World Pageant will take place on November 22 in Vung Tau City and will be broadcast live on the Star World network.It is expected that more than 500 million people around the world will watch the event.
Like Miss World and Miss Universe, Vietnam targets turning this international beauty contest into a charming introduction to viewers worldwide.The Vietnam Women's Associations is the latest group to joint the event's organisers.
MRS WORLD 2009 Official website. ( but you should be have all news about the Mrs World contest by following my Yousaytoo blog "Cafeflashvn" or at here , my previous exclusive posts was about Miss Universe 2008.Also included many video clips i made especially for community shares .
FIRST LOOK - MARCH 21th 2009 on Mrs World 2009 official site.
It was showed only two candidates below is their short info.
Name Mrs. Nguyễn Diệu Hoa.
National Viet Nam
Place Of Birth Việt Nam
Top 5 of Mrs World 2008 in India.

Name Mrs. Maureen Macdonald.
National America
Place Of Birth  Raleigh, North Carolina
Maureen MacDonald of Raleigh, North Carolina was crowned Mrs. America 2009 on September 2nd in Tucson Arizona at the Loews Ventana Canyon Resort. She embodies all the attributes of who a Mrs. America should be and captures the true essence of what it is to be a wife, mother, and an exemplary member of the community. Maureen, 27, is married to Mark, a Real Estate Investment Manager and is a mother of 2 beautiful little girls, Vanessa and Valerie. She is a graduate of Florida State University with a Bachelor Fine Arts in Dance and is the owner of Bluestone Realty as well as a part time dance teacher and actress.
REMARKS  : as a vietnamese blogger , i don't know how ? and don't know what 's the hell about the official Mrs World site : Mrs Dieu Hoa is a candidate that showing her bio only a few ... ( same as a title of any post - ?) Where's her biography ? may be shortest but  they did a bad info by give to the global readers only a line to the main page of an international contest ( website).
I will reported and make new posts : for fastest news-events+photos and some...curious stories (if any) to my next pst about Mrs World 2009.
Thank for reading my first look on Beyond The Blog today ..(aka Petertran.)

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  1. Hi i'll just ask if when r u goin to post Mrs.Philippines World pics? Donabel Deinla will represent our country in Vietnam. and i know many people believed in her capabilities! Its just a bit of training in English girl! Go GO Go DonabeL!pretty girl!and down to earth person! oh if only others will know ur really nice and jolly attitude,i guess they'll love us here in dswd. thank u also for making our kids here happy and for being a good inspiration to them! Go Mrs.Phil.World!


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