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My real sexual life on blogging story

MY REAL SEXUAL LIFE.( an experience results for married couples)

Today,i'm posting an ext article of daily necessity about sexual ,this post was writing after a result from my wife.She had an idea (that she said new) and tell me about to share our experience to all other family or single person in my world ( my blogger blog).

The result is at the bottom of the post.(don't forget to read it )

Talking about some questions of Man Health :
Frequently Asked Questions
my wife reading on

I get a lot of email from people with questions about the penis. Well, I've put together a FAQ of the most commonly requested items in the hope they will answer some of the more pressing questions.

Q. Do pills, potions, lotions or oils increase size ?

A. There is no reliable scientific or credible evidence that pills, potions, or lotions work to enlarge the penis permanently.

Q. Is there any surgical procedure to enlarge the penis?

A. Yes there are a number of surgical techniques that can increase the girth and length of the penis. A ligament that holds the penis in place can be released extending the penis by about an inch.
Dermal implanting can add length and girth.
As with any surgical intervention you must consider whether the perceived gains are worth the risk. There are a number of side effects and the cosmetic result can look odd.
Many urologists will not perform this type of operation unless there is a deformity or some other specific medical rationale.

Q. Can penis exercises increase length?

A. The penis contains no muscles so there are no exercises that will permanently increase its size.

Q. Can Exercise Increase Bust Size?

While exercise can't actually increase the size of your breasts, the use of weights can strengthen the underlying muscles. The gym offers lots of machines that will allow you to slowly increase the weights that you use, or you could start off with two cans of spaghetti sauce. Lying on your back, with knees bent, bring your arms together slowly while holding onto the cans. Lower the arms again (keeping arms slightly bent) and work your way up to three sets of 10 - 12 reps.
Did you know that bad posture will hide what you might already possess... so stand up tall!
While we are talking about breast, I might as well let you in on a secret. If you don't apply lots of sunblock to the chest area now, you are going to have horrid age spots in the future. So many teens and young women, forget to apply sunblock below their necks.
Start now so you don't have to worry about it in the years to come!

And This is the result ,that my wife wanted to share to everyone,just trusting about my words because this post is an especially of my family.
We're very ...happy in the mean time ( my life in sex ,it's seem i was stronger and ....very healthy with a small increase bigger ...of mine .When i asking to my wife ,she tell about a vitamin that i 've used many months before and from today : this is my true life and real story if you want to know about this pills : " "HOMTAMIN GINSENG" it's make from Korea ,i'm here and if anyone has trouble or it's doesn't effect,go right here to my blog and to abuse me directly ,to swear at my face.I'll keep my words.


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