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Filmmaker most controversial over 2009 : Amateur Porn Star Killer (online free)

Reviews movies over the year 2009 , we have found 10 cool amateur films listing here  for the first class is "Amateur porn Star Killer" , this movie come back with 02 episodes
( part 1 not found -   Part 2 and 3  the final chapter ).

Amateur Porn Star Killer may not be a porn film, but it does contain a quantity of explicit sex. Although there isn't any penetration, we do see the occasional erection and a lengthy blowjob scene when Stacy is coerced into taking Shane's penis into her mouth - a really nasty scene when considering the age of the victim!

You may watch full free movie  of 2 part Amateur porn star killer by clicking to poster of related movies or get links below this post page .


Snuff films; are they a figment of our imagination, a mere anecdotal rumour created by the anti-pornography moralists during the 1970s in an attempt to destroy the adult film industry, or are they genuinely being filmed and sold in the pornographic underground among the grimy back-streets of Western metropolis? Popular Western perception would have it that there are genuine snuff films being produced on 8mm camera - real films featuring real women being murdered and tortured in real life. If not then why would Nicholas Cage be prancing around trying to find a missing girl murdered in a considerably tame 8mm film discovered in the almost impenetrable vaults of a wealthy mansion.
"Snuff films must exist," the common Westerner would say. "After all, why have all these pervasive rumours succeeded in ensnaring people all over the globe into reading graphic stories and anecdotal evidences of supposedly genuine films featuring an authentic sexual murder if snuff films didn't exist?"

Well, let's delve a little deeper into this myth and decide for ourselves whether snuff films are the sanctimonious lies of pro-censored moralists or genuine videos featuring the most heinous of crimes man is capable of. It is widely accepted that the first recorded use of the term "snuff film" was written in the popular Ed Sander's book, The Family: The Story of Charles Manson's Dune Buggy Attack Battalion (1971). Charles Manson and his female psychopaths were responsible for the brutal murder of Sharon Tate in 1969 - a shocking murder that officially ended the 'flower power generation' and the 'all we need is love' mentality, as sung by The Beatles.

With this rumour of film reels featuring the actual murder of an unwilling victim now exposed for the gullible public to chew on, the possibility of the existence of snuff films became crystallised into the psyche of the moral bigots who wished nothing more than to impose their supposedly 'utopian' view of what society should be like onto everybody, irrespective of their protest. It was then only a matter of time before filmmakers started filming fictional accounts of the snuff movie phenomenon in an intentional attempt to shock this moral fabric of society, and they most certainly didn't disappoint. You're all familiar with the groundbreaking 1976 film, 'Snuff' - an Argentinean feature that created a forged uproar of controversy in the United Sates, thanks to the producer posing as an angry citizen by writing letters to the New York Times and hiring actors to protest against the film outside the theatres where it was shown.
In fact, I'm sure you have this previously reprehensible film carelessly stuffed in your expanding DVD collection and often pondered on what the damn fuss was all about, especially considering all the despotic conservatives who proceeded to jump on the bandwagon like moths to a flame in actually believing that the decline of society and the moral values of taste and decency were being eroded by the bleeding-hearted liberals who were desirous of promulgating perversion in the hopes of destroying the family way of life. However, this popular notion was nothing but a draconian fib spouted by the right-wing Conservative Party that unfortunately earned them the votes of the moral fraternity deemed as the backbone of society.

"Snuff" wasn't the only film to publicise the myth of snuff films. Paul Schrader's "Hardcore" (1979), Alejandro Amenabar's "Tesis" (1996), and Joel Schumacher's "8mm" (1999), have all perpetuated the myth that is the snuff film. "Cannibal Holocaust" became the perfect incentive for the British conservatives to publicly declare the legitimacy of snuff films, after supposedly seeing the 'dead woman' impaled on a wooden stake in the Amazonian rainforest. But what the Mary Whitehouse clones failed to allude to was the fact that they wanted to ban all horror films for the good of society, whipping up scares about snuff films and vulnerable children being harmed by the tide of horror flooding into Britain from abroad in the process. George Eastman chewing on a foetus in Anthropophagous was once thought to be authentic snuff by some British moralists.

"Faces of Death" was another film deemed as snuff by some conservatives, but even they couldn't see past the phoney effects of human deaths in this classic of documentaries. The fake snuff scenes in "Emanuelle in America" proved too much for one actress, who publicly expressed her distress at the scenes of abuse. Credit must be given to Joe D'Amato (R.I.P.) in producing this sickeningly realistic footage that still remains unbeatable in the annals of snuff-horror as being the most realistic. The Guinea Pig films from Japan need no discussion, other than the sheer idiocy of Charlie Sheen for believing that they were real. "Psycho: The Snuff Reels" has been the latest attempt from Japan in pelting the horror underground with a depraved piece of film dealing with the concept of snuff films. But one cannot neglect the shocking and filthy "Mu Zan E," a thoroughly depraved film from the carnal imagination of Daisuke Yamanouchi about a female reporter who stumbles upon a snuff film during her research into underground sex films. The latest film to include the synopsis of snuff films is the thoroughly twisted and mesmerising, "Amateur Porn Star Killer," by controversial filmmaker, Shane Ryan.

Amateur Porn Star Killer (2005), perhaps the most exploitive title ever given to an underground shock film, can easily be regarded as a prolonged decent into hell. It's not often I see a film that renders me to have a prolonged wash in hopes of becoming clean again, but the filth dispensed by Amateur Porn Star Killer has been the only one that has refused to wash off.
Not even a chainsaw will help clean you here, folks! This may seem like the ultimate compliment one could give a film that wallows in deprave pathology, but is the only epigram which I can grant this twisted picture. I hope this complimentary comment doesn't build your hopes up in expecting to witness a horrifying film when the day finally comes to open that innocent-looking package on your hallway floor; but if this film doesn't make your flesh crawl during the slow, degenerate abuse of the unfortunate female victim, then please seek a shrink.

The synopsis revolves around a deranged psychopath called Brandon - a sadistic thrill-killer - who entices vulnerable teenage girls into his psychotic grasp and proceeds to murder them during apprehensive sexual encounters, especially during the point of orgasm. The film that you are about to see features the murder of Brandon's third victim. Brandon himself is the cameraman for the entire encounter. From the moment that his third victim is lured into his car, and the moment of her inevitable death, Brandon never flinches from showing us - the unlucky viewer - the deranged capacity of his diabolical mentality.

From the very moment the film begins, we are the living witness to a murder committed by Brandon inside a gloomy bedroom. The camera is placed on top of a drawer, and all we see is Brandon ferociously punching a victim lying beneath the range of the camcorder. The opening credits then materialise, and the video footage of Brandon's prospective third murder follows after.

The third victim is a teenage girl called Stacy. Her pale, olive-skinned complexion and black hair evinces the authenticity of teenage girl who is exceedingly shy and innocent. Actress Michiko Jimenez, a beautiful woman whose precarious predicament coerces the viewer to genuinely fear for her inevitable demise, plays the role Stacy. She is enticed into the car during the night hours by Brandon's immaculate charms, and is eventually taken to a cheap apartment where they both proceed to have lengthy discussions about everyday things.
The atmosphere of dread begins to seep from the television screen when Brandon begins to ask Stacy what type of film she would like to be in. Her innocent and tender features may express the shyness of a typical teenage girl found on every street-corner across the Western world, but her frequent glances around the room reveals her concealed nervousness of this precarious situation. Of course, we, as the viewer, know what her final fate will be, but Stacy herself doesn't know. The suspenseful sentiment during this part of the film is utterly dreadful. It assaults you full-throttle and never wavers.

Before long, Brandon has Stacy taking off her own clothes before being implored to do poses for the camera. It is at this point in the film that Amateur Porn Star Killer sinks into an experience that is utterly unnerving, visually shocking, and viscerally sickening. Brandon may only reveal his face to the camera a few times at most, but his innocent countenance unmistakably bellies the callous depravity found within the majority of serial killers.

Think of Ted Bundy (America's most notorious serial killer) in the year 2006, and you get a good idea how evil this man is. It is at this point in the film that Stacy becomes a passive victim, seeking solace and superficial safety hidden deep inside her body as though her own unconsciousness was a refuge.

However, this unsuccessful attempt to escape this dreadful situation only encourages Brandon to abuse Stacy in any way he so desires. Unfortunately, this passivity among victims of serial killers and rapists are all too common. Once the guilt and realisation of the situation has sunken into the victim's blood, passivity seems to be the only defence left to persuade the killer that the victim is unworthy. It is also unfortunate that some killers will assimilate this passivity in a negative manner and consequently become irritated by the lack of emotional response.

Sadly, for Stacy's sake, Brandon is no exception. Once a serial killer with deviant intentions becomes irritated and annoyed by a victim's passivity, only the cathartic release of that anger can invoke pleasure felt by the killer. Unfortunately, again and again, this eruption of anger is almost always dispensed to the victim as though the victims themselves were responsible. Death, therefore, is inevitable.

Amateur Porn Star Killer is a malicious film that will refuse to be discarded from your thoughts for many, many days. Watching this film will make you feel like a rotten pervert. In fact, I'm sure there are some people out there who will regard this film as nothing but wank-jolly material for people with corrupt tendencies…such as serial killers. But although the film may be looked upon as a downright twisted picture and make one perceive it as nothing more than serial killer pornography, the film itself is too arty to be even considered as such. In truth, I think Amateur Porn Star Killer is the perfect film to show teenage girls about the dangers of trusting every man they come across.

Popular opinion would have it that monsters don't exist, that monsters are figments of our imagination, lost in stable antiquity that continuously harks back to the days of infantile fears of the dark and monster-infested nightmares that seem real. But there are real monster out there; not in the form of blood-sucking vampires, flesh-eating zombies, flesh-ripping werewolves, demonic witches, and wailing demons from the pit of hell, but in the form of real human beings - human beings that are aching to manifest their criminal fantasies into reality, fantasies that are immorally justified by their own defiled moral framework. Maybe your neighbours, that highly respected family living next door to you, are the contemporary Fred and Rose West, sexually torturing females in their cellar at night when the children are in bed; maybe that quiet guy down the end of your street is a modern John Wayne Gacy who has a basement filled with 33 decaying bodies; maybe your best friend is fresh Ted Bundy, luring young women into the forest and killing them with a crowbar. Maybe they're even filming it. Amateur Porn Star Killer is a tragic film, but it is rendered even more tragic when you consider that it could easily be real.

The similarities between Amateur Porn Star Killer and the August Underground films are obvious, but with one noticeable exception. Although both Amateur Porn Star Killer and the August Underground films have their deranged killers stalking innocent victims with a camcorder in possession, both films, however, are poles apart in the gore department. Not ounce of blood is shed in Amateur Porn Star Killer. It avoids the red matter like an evangelical Christian avoiding the Satanic Bible, but you perhaps come away from Amateur Porn Star Killer feeling more disturbed than you would with August Underground. This is not to level criticism at the makers of August Underground, who have given the viewer two grotesquely brilliant films, but to give credit to Shane Ryan in providing us with an equally disturbing film that doesn't rely on blood and guts to disturb the viewer.

The camera-held technique in Amateur Porn Star Killer is utilised to full effect in giving the viewer a realistic depiction of a snuff film. The picture is very jumpy and the gloomy texture of the picture oozes dirt and smut. If there ever happened to be a snuff film discovered by the police during a murder hunt, Amateur Porn Star Killer would be the film that it would look like.

Shane Ryan is the brain and brawn behind this film. He is the director, the serial killer in the film, and the frigging scriptwriter - although, to be fair, there isn't much of a script! This man really does have talent and he is adept at exposing it.

Amateur Porn Star Killer may not be a porn film, but it does contain a quantity of explicit sex. Although there isn't any penetration, we do see the occasional erection and a lengthy blowjob scene when Stacy is coerced into taking Shane's penis into her mouth - a really nasty scene when considering the age of the victim!

Unfortunately, at this moment in time (as of November 2006), Alter Ego Cinema is searching for a distributor to release future DVD versions of their films. Until a distributor owns up and verifies an interest in releasing DVDs of Alter Ego Cinema's film catalogue, Amateur Porn Star Killer will only be available as a screener. I was sent this as an NTSC video screener for the purpose of this review. But when the day comes of an official DVD release of Amateur Porn Star Killer, I shall revisit the film and let you know of any DVD extras that might be provided (hopefully an interview with Michiko Jimenez).

After the extremely bloody Slaughter Disc and now the thoroughly unnerving Amateur Porn Star Killer, violent pornography as snuff entertainment has officially arrived.
This film should come with a free chainsaw, as you might need it to remove the filth from your body. Hopefully, you'll film yourself doing it.

Stay sick and happy Nightmares!
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