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Michael Jackson related story, who's * most haters

This post i translate from a Blogger blog in German language.

I dedicate these people a side of disgust and contempt. Will never forgave them and let them suffer for what they did to always including Michael Jackson.

1. Tom Sneddon . ( reading more from previous post-part 1)
Our target number one. Page 15 years of trying this 'something' to bring Michael with false accusations and fraud behind bars. Witnesses were paid to testify wrong, his men were instructed to steal the documents ...
* A person in the stack are the lies.

2.Martin Bashir:

His report published in 2002, humiliating about Michael Jackson brought the case 'Arvizo' rolling. With his crafty ... won the confidence of Michael, and was introduced by him into his life. He let him participate in all its joys and told him all his thoughts and dreams. Confidence from this were again exploited and as a result we got into a totally negative and distorted version of the cut to see what was settled.
Was with his own photographs of Michael's own cameras a little later, "Now I'm talking about"  showed the audience what Bashir ...and how well-intentioned, he moved things into the mud.

Family Arvizo:

Gavin, Janet, Star and Davellin. A family that were introduced by the mother in the world of lies. Kidnapping, extortion and child abuse, threw them in front of Michael. Before the court was testimony by hundreds of contradictions and denials, however, increasingly clear that each story was cleverly planned to the last detail. The man of the cancer patients and performed by the doctors declared dead Gavin's last wish, and included him in his life was ugly, fucked and exploited.

Jordan Chandler .

The boy in 1993 with his mother, Michael for the first time accused of child abuse. Michael who was at that time immersed in his 'Dangerous' tour and wanted to rescue his reputation somehow agreed with the Chandlers for an undisclosed sum (it is 20 million U.S. dollars from the speech) about the trial and put everything on ice around it . 
What exactly would be the amount by which Jordan's uncle pleaded with Michael about his film plans to realize - but not in the Michael .... Now, the question of which parent whose son was abused because of money dispensed justice and wants the man who allegedly molested her son had not seen in the prison?
Jordan has since this year, no more contact with his mother, points out that what he was forced to make statements and accusations against Michael.
* Here we have a money-hungry family, took advantage of Michael's love.


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