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The pantyhose robbers of the 21st century-THONG robbers.

Thong Robbers Wanted by Police.
Lingerie Robbers Hit Colorado,

The Arvada thong robbers are still on the loose in Colorado. While they certainly seemed like they would belong in the stupid criminals club and might be caught fairly easily due to a disguise that covered very little of their faces police continue to search for two robbers who wore masks made of women's thong underwear. These are the would be pantyhose robbers of the 21st century.
(By Jennifer Cox-Jun 4, 2008 )


Police Search for Thong Wearing Robbers( update)

One "Thong Bandit" in custody. (via)
Arvada police say they have unmasked the "Thong Bandits," a pair of robbers masked in women's undies to knock off a gas station last month.
Police said Joseph R. Espinoza, 24, turned himself in this afternoon after learning police were looking for him in connection with the Arvada Diamond Shamrock robbery at 6802 Wadsworth Blvd.
Espinoza is believed to be the robber with a blue thong over his lower face, eyes on each side of the panel.
Police are still looking for the man behind the green thong, whom they believe to be 19-year-old Joaquin Rico.
Rico is described as 5 feet, 10 inches tall, 190 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes. He lives in the Edgewater area, and already has a warrant out for his arrest by Wheat Ridge
Police released surveillance images of the Arvada convenience story robbers. (Arvada Police)
Surveillance video helped identify Espinoza. While panties covered his face, he neglected to cover unique tattoos, police said.
Two men had no weapons, but ordered a store clerk to give them cigarettes and the cash from the register.
Joseph Espinoza (above) and Joaquin Rico (below)

Click this link to watch "Thong Robbers" video total with sound.
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