Saturday, August 4, 2007

Images that changed The World ?

I already seen those pictures sometime and someone posted this. I think some comment below it 's just same as mine ,may have other ? by reader ?
- I still think Buchenwald 1945 has the biggest impact to me.
- This was a very moving find, indeed. I thought that the Buchenwald image affected me the most...until I came to the picture of the vulture watching the starving child. I'd never seen it before. I find it incredibly haunting.
-Photographer Kevin Carter who took that picture of the child and vulture ended up committing suicide.Seen too much I think.
- 10x great collection.
on one hand if this is the human race why 4God`s sake save them?
on the other hand there maybe hope that after 1968 moon landing this race succeed to step one small step out of its self and look on itself in a GLOBAL manner so ... we shall see .... ))
- WOW- did you notice that ALL the pictures have human beings in them?( yes- even the space one- you just couldn't see us)
- Very moving, that picture of the starving children is extremely haunting and has motivated me to do something about starvation in third world countries .

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