Wednesday, June 20, 2007

When a celebrity man show his "package" !

When a celebrity show his package . Wow !

Beckham Is Adjusting His... Balls
David Beckham is making some minor adjustments during Real Madrid game against Recreativo Huelva on Saturday. Ouch, did I just write "minor adjustments"?(

David Duchovny Shares His Package With The World
David Duchovny showed up with his package to a promo shoot for his new show "Californication" yesterday in Venice Beach, California.

Prince in London ,oh no !

It looks like Prince is in demand in London because his 21 tour dates there has set new records. Tickets at the O2 Arena for his first 7 shows reportedly sold out in minutes which caused the promoters to immediately add 8 additional nights, breaking Pink Floyd's record of 14-nights at one arena.

Mark Walberg ,what does he do ?
(picture source: )
Mark Wahlberg said he is so embarrassed that he has never lived down the fuss about his manhood after playing the part of a porn star Dirk Diggler (who had a 13 inch peen) in the film Boogie Nights. He doesn't looks so embarrassed here, does he?

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